I am an odd-toed beast because I walk on one foot only how sad Imagine the frustration of the flustered centipede


Sonnet: Come To Me

If I were strung In such a way That men of other species Looked at me And turned their eyes aside In admiration Then I’d let my body roil I’d shout and burn like hell Alas My line is the result Of petered creatures Who abandoned pride Who withered out somehow From colt to colt... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: You Need To Know This About Me

Don’t look! I’m swelling mammoth size. (It comes From sloshing too much food, I guess, Too much wine Into my little guts.) There’s some weird thing That’s going on: I think I’m through With being human! Through with all that stuff That people have to be, My job My talk Computers Phones Cars Clothes I’ve... Continue Reading →


Inside of me, behind my lung, A monkey sits. Since I was young He’s flung his shit. You think that’s trouble? Inside of you there is his double.

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