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I am an odd-toed
beast because I walk on one
foot only how sad

Imagine the frustration
of the flustered centipede


Sonnet: Come To Me

If I were strung
In such a way
That men of other species
Looked at me
And turned their eyes aside
In admiration
I’d let my body roil
I’d shout and burn like hell

My line is the result
Of petered creatures
Who abandoned pride
Who withered out somehow
From colt to colt
Until the ones on fire
Fuffed out and died

With legs
That full of lightning
Like flames
Like blazing whips
Along his lurid neck
A horse must love his body

It’s no shame
To love a body
Come to me
Don’t check
Your sagging shape
Come slowly
Close your eyes
And let’s be Friesians
Flaming in the skies

Sonnet: You Need To Know This About Me

Don’t look!
I’m swelling
mammoth size.

(It comes
From sloshing too much food,
I guess,
Too much wine
Into my little guts.)

There’s some weird thing
That’s going on:
I think I’m through
With being human!
Through with all that stuff
That people have to be,
My job
My talk
I’ve had enough!

That’s why I’m walking backwards now.
I’ll walk reverse, pluck my fingers clean away; I’ll tear myself to shreds until all human junk is gone.

I’ll grow some tusks and shaggy hair way down my back. I’ll have a noble trunk to reach a spindly blade of grass, then pull it up and chew it twice, and I’ll be full.

A Fact

This ground slips, it’s not
Still; sixty miles before our
Mad species leaps off.


What Adam

One bite
And god’s
Knees wobbled


Inside of me, behind my lung,
A monkey sits. Since I was young
He’s flung his shit. You think that’s trouble?
Inside of you there is his double.

Evening Still

Patients discover
Something more complicated
Than slipping organs

Park Bench

Sit on a solid
Strong structure snow melts around
Warm squirrely ankles

Unchained At Last

Now I am so free

Papers swirl like butterflies

Got a new printer

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